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Being able to provide that respite and getting to see individuals who have come in from the street smile (she calls them “members”) is the best, she told Shepherd House A recovery program where pregnant mothers and mothers with infants are given priority placement. State Sen. Jessica Scarcella-Spanton said “no one should return home to find their property seized by squatters, who now have more rights on their property than they do. Romer told Fox News Digital he has seen an “uptick” in instances of squatting complaints from clients compared to his earlier 20 years practicing real estate law.

‘I’m starting a new life. This is me now.’

Our team of more than 200 staff across 19 programs works with people to develop and execute creative, safe solutions to the very real challenges they face. Victory Homes International has over 300 live-in recovery homes in the U.S. and around the world. There are as many as 10,000 residents (men and women) in our recovery homes at one time. Victory Home International goes into some of the most drug infested areas of the inner cities and reaches out to men and women who are helplessly addicted to heroin, meth and other drugs.

Behind our red doors are opportunities for you to learn and grow, and to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

We provide HIV, Hepatitis C, and STI testing and counseling; a healthy meals program; syringe and naloxone distribution; and an array of education, navigation, and support services. The Victory Connector, where she is a harm reduction specialist, provides a range of services to women, transgender, and nonbinary individuals who are at high risk of overdose and who are reluctant to engage with other care systems. Last year, 4,775 people turn to New Life House Review for shelter, sustenance, recovery, care, and professional, compassionate support. Newsletter Signup

This wording, lawmakers said, will make it easier for police to intervene in squatting cases, sparing homeowners months or even years in housing court. The language defines a squatter as someone staying on a property without permission from its owner or the owner’s representative. A portion of New York’s 2024 state budget agreement, signed into law by Gov. Kathy Hochul Monday, specifically excludes squatters from tenant protections under state law. They want to know that there are people out there who care, who won’t treat them “like they’re trash,” Rivera said. “It’s happening a lot,” Rivera said, emphasizing that there are more dangerous substances being put in the drugs being consumed on the street. When people come in, she and her colleagues offer hot meals and find out what their needs may be.

Change Begins When You Believe

The “optics” of a homeowner handcuffed after changing the locks on a squatter in her Queens home worth $1 million pushed New York lawmakers to enact a harsh new law to protect property owners, a real estate attorney told Fox News Digital. They talk to people on the street around Mass. and Cass about the services they have and offer resources. Each day, she and her colleagues at the Connector also do about two hours of street outreach, rotating who stays in the office and who goes out. She ended up working as a staff member at Casa Esperanza for almost 12 years, becoming first a peer recovery coach, then a house manager, then a treatment coordinator, a senior treatment coordinator, and a supervisor.

We provide individuals and their families with the education, tools, and ongoing support they need to help them regain their health, prevent and manage relapse, and maximize their independence. For many, New Life House Review represents the last possibility for hope and the first chance for sustained success in their battles with substance use or illness. But now, with 24 years in recovery, the Dorchester resident hopes that by talking about her own experiences, others might be encouraged to speak up.

It’s a “housing first” approach that includes stabilization services, emergency shelter, transitional and permanent housing, and case management. When the only option for women who had been designated a danger to themselves or others due to substance use disorders needed a community-based treatment option as an alternative to incarceration, we were there to offer a solution. We have always stood on the front lines, ready to identify and address the unmet needs in our community. It’s why the 46-year-old loves her job, working as a harm reduction specialist with individuals experiencing addiction, homelessness, and mental health issues in the area of Mass. and Cass in Boston. We offer individualized care from a strengths-based philosophy to help our clients identify, and achieve their personal goals.

Andaloro was removed from the property but is not facing criminal charges, the Queens District Attorney’s Office told Fox News Digital. Real estate lawyer Michael Romer told Fox News Digital the case of Brian Rodriguez pushed lawmakers “over the finish line” to pass anti-squatter legislation. We understand what happens first hand when people do not receive the support they need, at Victory Housing (VHF) you are not alone and we want to support you to the best of our ability. Coping with those deaths, and the prospect that she will likely see more as the state and country continue to grapple with the overdose crisis, Rivera said she relies on belief — and the knowledge that change doesn’t happen overnight. Rivera said whenever she learns of another fatal overdose, she finds herself wondering about how there could have been a different outcome.

  1. When the only option for women who had been designated a danger to themselves or others due to substance use disorders needed a community-based treatment option as an alternative to incarceration, we were there to offer a solution.
  2. “What this bill change effectively does is it changes the definition as to what a squatter is and no longer affords them tenant’s rights.
  3. Andaloro was removed from the property but is not facing criminal charges, the Queens District Attorney’s Office told Fox News Digital.
  4. “We were always left alone, and the violence that was in the house was not normal,” she said of living with her mother.
  5. The hardest moments are when Rivera and her colleagues learn from members coming into the Connector that someone has passed away from an overdose, she said.

In the years that she’s been working in harm reduction, Rivera has shared bits and pieces of her own experiences with addiction, trauma, and violence with those she works with. She’s always been cautious of sharing too much, in part because she’s aware that the people she is helping have their own traumas that they may not be ready to talk about. Our specialized, short-term treatment programs are for individuals diagnosed with substance use disorder who have additional treatment needs. We provide high-quality, evidence-based services based on individual needs, New Life House Review Review offering flexible, strengths-based solutions to people’s biggest challenges. In order to help each individual or family succeed, we offer evidence-based services with a proven record of success like motivational interviewing and peer support to help our clients stabilize their lives and find their way home. The release of the plan caused an uproar among the isolationist bloc in the United States, but the controversy died off quickly only three days later, after news of the attack on Pearl Harbor was received and a formal declaration of war was made.

“Sometimes I feel so happy that my heart — I feel like I’m having like a big, good pain in my heart,” she said. Public health officials, including the Boston Public Health Commission, have been warning in particular that xylazine, a non-opioid veterinary tranquilizer, has been increasingly detected in street drug samples analyzed in Massachusetts. Xylazine, also referred to as “tranq,” increases the risk of overdose and death when mixed with other sedating drugs like opioids — and it is not affected by the overdose reversal drug naloxone, according to BPHC. But she said it’s also taken her a long time to feel comfortable sharing what she experienced as a child and teenager, which resulted in her own years-long struggle with substance use, incarceration, and instability.